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Driven by the trade in personal data, unethical marketing practices such as cold calling, spam texts and spam emails are leaving consumers angry and often feeling harassed. This is in addition to being left confused and frustrated by inappropriate and misleading advertising.

Why do we need an ethical marketing Charter?

Unethical marketing practices can often go beyond a mere inconvenience, instead becoming something that has the potential to cause people real distress and harm.

The use of these damaging practices is widespread: The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) received 180,000 cold calling complaints in the last year alone. Independent research has shown that 56% of people find cold calls distressing and 66% are not confident on where to go to report them.

Whilst the Government has taken some action, political will alone is not enough to eradicate these practices. Industries and individual organisations must also act.

With the personal injury sector consistently singled out for criticism for unethical marketing practices, now is the time for organisations in the sector to demonstrate their ethical and professional credentials. By signing up to the Ethical Marketing Charter, organisations can do just that, whilst also challenging rogue players to stamp out bad practices – all for the benefit of the consumer.

Below we outline the commitments that signatories from the personal injury sector agree to adhere. 

The following organisations are inaugural Charter signatories:

The Charter is supported by:

Ethical Marketing Charter commitments

  • Charter signatories stand firmly against nuisance marketing – they never cold call or send spam texts or spam emails.
  • Charter signatories stand firmly against the unethical buying and selling of accident data – they never misuse accident data to pressure people into making a claim.
  • Charter signatories stand firmly against inappropriate and misleading advertising – they never induce personal injury claims by making false or misleading promises in their advertising, and are clear and upfront about any exclusions to no win, no fee.

The following organisations are inaugural Charter signatories:

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